New Kids Motocross Packages California for the 2021 Season


We are a British company specialising in Kids Motocross holidays in California. Most of our packages have a minimum of 5 days riding but we can tailor to suit your needs.  We charge for one rider and with this includes an adult non rider stay for free. You will stay at our motocross home in California with other riders.  During your stay all transport to and from the tracks will be provided.

Most days will start with you and your fellow guests preparing yourself a hearty breakfast to set you up for the day ahead. One of the members of the KMH team will then collect all riders and guests and transport them to the chosen track for the day of riding. In California none of the tracks we use have sessions so the day follows a very chilled and relaxed pace. All bikes are cleaned, checked and set up to suit the rider for your trip and we also always have a spare bike on hand for any unexpected events. All California tracks take safety very seriously and have a rapid medical response if needed. When riding is complete for the day you will be returned to the motocross home to enjoy the great California weather and relax in the hot tub.

Restaurants and shops are a short distance away from the motocross home. Ubers are very cheap and plentiful.  Depending how many days you decide on for your trip you will have plenty of time to explore and perhaps get to the great beaches on your non riding days.

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